The Spark
He was the one who controlled the light, he was the one who could make any situation become light.
Welcome to the behind the image for my image, The Spark. This is the first behind the image that I have done, this is so I can document to myself how I did an image, but also to inform anyone else who is interested in taking images like this. I love the idea of being able to inform everyone who is inspired by me, and help them make images like this themselves. (This image was actually inspired by Joel Robison in the first place). So here is how I made this image become a reality: 
This here is the base image, taken straight into photoshop after receiving a slight contrast boost in lightroom. The settings for this image were: 

Canon EOS 5D Mark 2
50mm F1.8 II @ F1.8
ISO 160
Keeping the image at F1.8 meant that I had a strong vignette on the image that I kept, as it helps lead the eye to the centre of the frame, as well as this it creates shallow depth of field, which was key in the composition of the image, and it creates a softer image overall. 

Next in editing the image, I added a layer of shades of yellow in the space of the light bulb to turn it on. To make this look seamless, i used the Linear Dodge blending setting on the layer, this makes the light look like it's on. By using a smooth brush it means that the texture overflows just slightly from the edge of the bulb, making it look more like a flare and out of focus with the image. Due to the shallow depth of field. 
In the next step of my image, I dodged and burned my face using a layer of black and a layer of white with the soft light blending setting. This then alters the shape of the face slightly, these layers also have a strong Gaussian blur on them to ensure that it is not very harsh, the opacity of these layers is reduced drastically to ensure subtle changes in shape. On the one visible eye, I made use of a selective colour layer to make the eye more vibrant and green, to enhance the already green that it was. This is also on a reduced opacity linear dodge blending mode, to make it more subtle. 
Finally I applied a 60% opacity version of my autumn preset in it's warm setting without adding a green hue. This makes the skin tones a lot warmer and reduces all the blacks to a grey. This then improves the warm autumn look of the image, enhancing the colour of the image to create a more magical look and tone to the image. It also makes me as the model stand out further within the image due to the contrast in tones. 

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